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Hooking up my L3t as a PC hd500x monitor


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Help guys,

When my HD500x is USB hooked up to my PC, the Line 6 smart cable doesn't send the full PC signal to my L3t....

I find myself using a 1/4 inch jack out from the headphone Jack on the HD 500 to the RCA inputs on the L3t, because, of course when USB hooked up it makes the HD500 the sound card....


That really doesn't give me the full tone that I'll get, is there a way to fix this and get all of the sound from my PC straight to the L3t?


The way I have it hooked up does allow my backing tracks, recordings and music to run direct through it though, it's just seems that the amp tone is not as good as it is when I'm running live and not hooked up to the PC....


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Do you or anyone else with a L3t use the PA settings for your hd500 x sounds, or the guitar setting on the L3t?

I have found that the sound seems to be clearer and more defined with the PA light on, and since I plug a mic into the L3t too,,it sounds better and mixes better....



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