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The Helix Challenge


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Just stumbled across this! "The Helix Challenge"


"Our goal with Helix was to accurately capture the sound and responsiveness of each amp and now we’re asking you to tell us how we did.  For this challenge we have chosen a handful of the most elusive (and exciting) amp sounds to model and compare side-by-side to the original amp. You will be offered a total of five sound samples, and will be asked to choose which one you believe is the original amp.  You can take the test as many times as you like, but the test is randomised, so you may get different samples each time.  The guitar playing you’ll hear is identical; the guitar signal was split to both the amp and to Helix.  If you want to see exactly how we recorded the samples, check out the video below.

Good luck and have fun."


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I got 4/5 right, but it was real close either way. It probably helped that I just did sound for a show hours before that had two actual guitar tube amps, one a fender delux reverb, and one an orange 2x12. Not so sure I would have done as well had I not had that recent experience.

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