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The wah toe switch killing the sound problem


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Hi guys,


So, I'm curious to how many of you experience this?

I do.

Anf bear in mind, this is the 2nd unit for the same customer.

Line 6 thought it was a hardware issue, but now, not so sure.


This is my only problem with the Helix now, but it's a big pain in the lollipop.

I barely dare to look at the pedal, and I bring my Morley wah to gigs.


Experience out there? What could it be?



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I have had this happen several times. Never at home in my music room but at the band practice house one night it did it 3 times, another night 5 times!!! Made me really leery about taking this thing on stage.


I play this thing for hours on end at home and just a couple hour jaunts at practice and the only difference was that in order to protect new carpets we all put towels under our respective effect pedals, since this was the only difference in my set up I took my towel off and it never did it again..... I see you are towelless in your video so I have no idea what causes this.

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Have you by chance tried assigning your Wah to a different footswitch? This would for sure tell you it the problem is toe switch specific. Does it cut out with all Wah models, or do you always use the same one? Have you tried creating a simple mono patch with only an amp and Wah to see if it happens there?

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No. I don't have time to experiment like that. My Helix is in a tourbus all week, except for when I do gigs.

But it happens only 1 out of 10 gigs, so I would be spending a lot of time in the bedroom trying to force this flaw to surface:)

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