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Helix as MIDI controller for Diezel VH4?


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Hi -


I was just in the process of putting together a pedalboard with MIDI switcher and effects pedals to change channels / presets on Diezel VH4 and for fx.


I just realized that the Helix might be able to cover off both of these.


Can anyone confirm or attest to using the Helix in 4cm with a VH4 to change amp channels / presets and be able to use fx before amp and in loop?


Unfortunately I just don't know enough about MIDI yet to answer my own questions or understand potential limitations. I see people are doing this with other amps though. If it works though would end up being cheaper / simpler than direction I thought I had to go, so potentially very cool!



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I hope this works too, reading the manual it does look like you can send MIDI program changes along with MIDI cc commands.  I've done this with other units, but haven't tried it with the Helix yet.  One of the other smarter folks here will have to lay it out step by step, but it looks pretty promising that it can be done.  I'm planning on controlling a Triaxis, but the Diezel responds to the same kind of commands to change things.  I think you can set it so you can send various MIDI commands when picking a new patch or within a patch by programming one of the foot switches.

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