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Vocal Settings w/ UX2 and Podfarm 2

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So I been trying to get a decent tone through pod farm 2, but can't really decided how to improve it


Pod farm 2 effects I use (also using +18 DB because it sound really quiet) 


Noise Gate

Threshold  -40DB

Decay - 19%



Threshold  -7DB

Gain - O DB



A link to my latest commentary 



I use Audacity (not sure how to get Line 6 driver to work with it properly) and use a SE electronic 2200a II microphone



If anyone could help with suggesting effect or programs, It would be very helpful

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By default Audacity uses a non-compliant ASIO driver called ASIO4ALL. I strongly recommend that you avoid using ASIO4ALL  There have been many reports about performance problems when using it.with Line 6 audio devices.


Use the Line 6 driver for your UX2. Line 6 Monkey will help you download and install it. Configure your DAW to use the UX2 and its ASIO driver as the audio input/output device.


Having done that you may no longer require the 18db boost and it might be easier to get a better vocal tone in Pod Farm.

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What DAW are you using?


All DAWs have some way to specify your audio device. It's usually in something called Audio Setup or Preferences.

Using none yet. (was thinking of using Reaper)


But when I was using podfarm months ago it didn't need any audio boost. But I did change computer's while reinstalling all my stuff 

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