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POD HD 500 - No sound output when USB connected / distorted sound in DAW


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Hey there


Please can anybody help me? I was always using my POD HD 500 normally with USB and Reaper


and everything, but today I'm having this issue: when POD is not plugged in the PC I can hear my


guitar normally through Unbalanced Output and headphones, but when I plug it into my PC, sounds


goes off in those outputs. I can hear PC's sounds normally, and Reaper is getting signal from it, but very


distorted. If I unplug the USB, the sound comes back (despite my PC gets a blue screen, but I've had


this issue before when unplugging the USB, and no problems with sound).


My PC is a Sony Vaio VGN-FW460J with Windows 10, not sure if it's a problem with it tho.


I'm hoping this is not a big issue, I'm depending a lot of my POD for these days!!

Any help is welcome, thanks!

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I'd suggest you take this one problem at a time.  If you're getting a blue screen on your PC you need to resolve that problem first regardless of the sound issues.  The sound issues may be an artifact of whatever is causing the blue screen, or it may be a separate issue.  Regardless either you have a problem with the driver, or you have some virus, or some other significant issue that's causing the blue screen.


I'd start with a system restore and/or virus check on the PC and try to get it to the point that plugging or unplugging the POD doesn't cause a blue screen.  You can't address other issues until the operating system is functioning correctly first.

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It's a separate issue. This blue screen appears when the POD is suddenly disconnected and the device is being used as a soundcard.


I'm not very sure about what causes this, maybe something with the driver (that's updated), but it's not virus or the OS for sure. I'll try


to search for this but I'm pretty sure this new issue isn't related to this blue screen, as I've always used my POD with no further problems.


I'm desperate with this, I'm in process of pre production of my album to be recorded in studio in January and this will really be a problem..


Anyway, I need to solve this sound problem first....

Thanks for your reply.

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it sounds like you need to run the "Line 6 Audio-MIDI Devices" control panel and check some of its settings..

under the Inputs & Recording tab there are 3 important settings:


hardware monitor level (by default is at max)


record send level which (by default is at max)


and +18 dB related to the record send level above, (by default is unticked)





what you said above here is normal and what happens also to me if I do the same mistake


Thanks for your reply, I'll check those settings in a minute and reply here, but, as for the monitor level,


I remember I used the POD's outputs without checking this option, even because when I checked this


before, I got doubled sound from my guitar - the original output and the computer's monitoring, which


btw has a little latency, whereas the POD's output had no latency at all. I tried to check monitoring


option yesterday and got this very saturated sound. But I'll make some more tests in a minute and


reply here!

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Hey there, I finally checked it again, same thing... about the properties, I checked the "hear this device" checkbox,


then I can listen to my guitar but with latency (the signal goes to the PC and then comes back to the device). With


this option unchecked I still can't hear anything. The hardware monitor level is at max, and I couldn't find no option


for send levels or +18db either. The thing is, when it's connected to my PC, it's like the sound that used to come from


the POD is off, and the only thing I can get is the "processed" signal (that goes to the PC first, and then comes back


to the POD, or any other playback device I select).

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where did you find the "hear this device" checkbox?.. because in my "Line 6 Audio-MIDI Devices" control panel doesn't exist..


strange that you don't have the +18 dB option..


at this point I doubt you are using the L6 dedicated ASIO driver "Line 6 Audio-MIDI Devices"





I'm sorry I was checking the wrong place (properties of Line6 Playback/Recording device) !! Just done what


you said and it's working just fine again !! I was so worried it could be a bigger problem, thank you very much !!!!!!

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