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Can Variax do smart harmony effect?

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if u only need fixed interval (like a pitch shifter FX), do as follows:

1. use both variax mags+variax models (either via mags blending on worbench HD, or via hd500)

2. detune the variax model (eg -5, or +5).

3. play single notes (not chords)


in this way, the variax will produce two notes:

-one via the standard tuned mags

-nother via the detuned model


clearly, this IS NOT smart harmony, but can b of use in some situations...

try attached demo patch :)

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Set up a guitar with a twelve string setup, set the volume on the second set of strings pretty low, tune them to match standard tuning instead of octaves,

Then adjust them down or up -5 or 6 cents.... Sounds cool and works kinda like my Harmonizer pedal...


Mess with your Rickenbacker 12 string guitar patch to try it... It works!!!

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