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My First Hour with Firehawx FX Remote App


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In the spirit of contributing, I thought I would share some of the challenges for a new Firehawk user. I bought the Firehawk primarily for the tone library, so I naturally dove right into trying the remote app upon opening the box. Here are some tips I would recommend for a new user.


1-Get a Line6 account (

2-Unbox Firehawk; turn on; try it out to ensure it is working

3-Download Firehawk FX from App Store (I have an iPad)

4-You may very well need to upgrade your Firehawk firmware…so go to (

5-I used Windows to upload software, so download ASIO driver; install on Windows

6-Download Line 6 Updater Installer; install on Windows

7-Upgrade firmware on board

8-Connect via Bluetooth

9-Try editing a tone.



NOTE: You don’t really “control†Firehawk FX with the Remote App. Think of it as a tone editor that sends edited tones to the currently selected bank. You can then edit the tone WHILE the Firehawk is in edit mode. Very cool, but different mindset. It is not like a TV remote that permits you to control the TV channel(s).


Hope this helps someone.

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