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Line 6 Monkey--No device option except PODxT

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Hello everyone,

I have been trying to patch up my POD HD500x with my Mac OS X (v.10.10.5) but Line 6 Monkey does not show any device option except for the PodxT . 

I Uninstalled and Installed it several times but it gave no results .. Its really getting a bit frustrating.

I have Line 6 Monkey v1.71 and have also installed the latest drivers... \

Would really appreciate a little help 



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Try not plugging in the hd500 when you reload the line 6 monkey, and uninstall all drivers when you remove the monkey... When you load it, load ALL of the drivers....

Don't plug in the monkey to your unit...

After loading it and all of the drivers, shut it down, plug in your HD500 and see if your PC sees it and loads the drivers....

If not check your devices and see if it's there loaded as an audio interface.... If it is just showing up generic, reinstall the drivers from searching your computer for it....


Then turn on monkey, log into it and see if everything shows up after you log in....


Try it and let us know

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