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Anybody else having difficulties using POD HD Pro X as a midi controller?


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I'm trying to use the POD HD Pro X's midi controller functionality to control other devices down my midi chain. Mainly, I would like to assign both of my expressions pedals to any of my devices in my chain even though all the devices are on different channels and the pedals' CC and their values are only transmitted on channel 1. I'm using a Behringer FCB1010 midi foot controller plugged to the POD's midi in and can use the foot switches and expression pedals to control the POD's FS and pedals' links on midi channel 1. I can also send Program Changes and single CC changes from my foot controller to my next rack (Digitech GSP1011) on channel 2 (going from the POD's midi thru into the Digitech's midi in) with my foot controller, but only because these are assigned to channel 2 in my foot controller. I can also use the POD to send program changes to this device by turning the preset dial on the HD pro when both racks are on the same midi channel (which is the reason I have to have them on different midi channels, I don't want this). What all this means is that, A) I can control the POD's FS and expression pedal links with my foot controller, B ) midi thru is enabled, and C) Program Change commands can be sent from the POD to my other units down the midi chain. I understand how to work the midi controller options in the HD pro, have read the manual for this so I'm assigning the correct midi channels and CC values in this screen for the corresponding FC and pedal links.




Yet, these are not being sent through midi out. I tried troubleshooting by connecting the HD Pro's midi out to a Midi interface's IN port to capture the commands using MIDI-OX, and what I found is that there is a incessant amount of random midi messages coming out of the POD so I cannot troubleshoot this way. Am I doing something wrong? or should start to think there is a problem with my unit?

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