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       I have just bought a HD500X effects board I'm not the most technical guy in the world so struggling with it a bit, I'm also only a couple of years into learning guitar so no previous experience in effect or stomp boxes.


Anyway my problem is.

I've been messy about with the unit trying to understand how it works and some how I have disengaged the pedal. Meaning I can't control the volume or Wha.

How do I assign them them back or put back to default.




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In all likelihood you've either deleted or turned off the pedal in the signal chain.  Try a different preset and see if it works elsewhere.


But first, sit down and read the Pilot's Guide.  It won't take that long and you need to know a few things about the navigation system before anyone can lead you through any of this stuff.  It could be any number of things but unless we can be sure you understand the directions we give you I'm not sure we can be of much help.

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some how I have disengaged the pedal. Meaning I can't control the volume or Wha.



Rememeber (or learn for the first time if you didn't previously know), it is an expression pedal. It not a default volume/wah pedal. It will control whatever you will program it to. 


Now, that being said, you need to assign something to the pedals in order to control them. 

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You'll be ok....

It is digital, but think analog...

Pedals, amp, effects loop, pedals....

The interface on the 500 itself will help...

Play around with the presets, if you mess them up its not a

Big deal....

If you use the software it's even easier to get a feel for it...'we are all willing to help here too...

Read the pilots guide and watch the Line 6 amplifier sound setup videos on here...

They are straight forward and show you how to setup presets...


I have a basic effects chain that I use for almost all of my setups,

I just change amps...

And that makes it easier if you set one of those up...


Remember think like you were setting up a rig...


I have:

Volume, Wah, Distortion Pedal, Noise gate, ( insert amp ), noise gate or EQ, ( effects loop ) ( I use a boss pedal here) flanger, Delay, Reverb....


I just switch amps, cabs and mics around...


Welcome to Line 6 bro....

If you can think of it, this gear will do it...

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Sitting here without HD Edit so off the top of my head: Open the preset up in HD Edit and go to the page for the pedal button assignments. It will help to open up a patch where you have it working to see what the pedal settings were (or at least similar).


Hope that helps.



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