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Creating an Acoustic Guitar Impulse Response for Line6 Helix


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Thank you for you help on this subject - I see that I must find an aura for this purpose. 

There should not be any problem in using an IR that is longer than 2048 (or 1024) ? 

f.ex. my Computer tells me that the Wellknown Taylor IRs are 48kHz and have a duration of .029 sec that makes a sample-count of approximately 1400 which doesnt fit at all, but helix doesnt complain even though i am quite shure I loaded it as a 2048 in Helix' menu. 

Do you know anything about this? Or do we need a Line6 guy to step in ? 

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I've been creating the IRs specifically for Helix, using 48 kHz and 16 bit, and ensuring the IR is trimmed and cropped to 2048 samples with a short fade at the end. Most acoustic instrument impulse responses are likely to be pretty short, not like the long delays in a cathedral. So 2048 samples should be more than enough. 

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See blog post: Creating an Acoustic Guitar Impulse Response for Line6 Helix for how to extract a body image from a Fishman Aura Spectrum into an IR that can be used in Helix acoustic guitar patches.


More to come.


+1 Amsdenj you have consistently made the most substantial contributions to this forum for using the Helix with an acoustic guitar. Thanks for all your great work! I hope L6 picks up your banner and adds some IRs, amps, effects, and presets of their own specifically geared to the acoustic guitar.

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