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Issues with shortboard mk2


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Hi guys, I have googled this problem and scanned the forums and have not seen any solutions.

What I want to do is be able to change the ABCD on my pedals in the banks to my own settings.



I want to play tool lateralus. (bank1)

A) intro






but then switch to bank 2 for the next song.


I guess the problem is I do not want the presets that are already in place, I would like to alter them to fit my own playstyle.

I cannot plug in the spider jam to my computer as it physically just cant do that. So I am all out of ideas.

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Sorry, I just found out that I need to change the user settings inside of the spider jam amp, (which I have found and can scroll through but cannot change)

At the same time I cannot find a video or my manual, if there is a link or something with the proper instructions that'd be helpful on how to change.

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