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Line 6 POD 2.0 does not work

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I picked up my POD 2.0 from the drawer after not being used for 1 year. I start it up with my 9V AC power supply but it only lights up a 0 and the I cant do anything more.


Cant seem to get it to work anymore... Is there anything I can do or do i have to buy a new one?


Thanks in advance guys! :)

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well id  open it  up and   geta can of  that dust off  stuff  and  spray the entire  board   then try it  again.  at this  point  what have  you got to loose. also   if your  in a moist environment     and  that doesnt work  try  tossing in a few  desecant  packs  and  let it  dry out  for  a month. yould  be  surprised  that the   little  bit  of  moisture can mess up electronics.  my brother   has done this  many times  and   i can tell you  it  works, again what have  you got to loose  at this  point .   do not  use  any kind   of contact  cleaner  though . bad  news  for  circut  boards

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