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FBV MKII express pedal does not connect to computer via USB

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Hi all,


Although I've seen many posts from people with a similar question about Monkey in combination with another type of Line 6 device, I cannot solve my problem using the answers given there...


I am just a hobby guitar player and recently I got myself an FBV MKII express pedal, which I want to use in combination with my spider IV 15 watt amp. I do not like all the standard tone settings (such as distortion and pitch) and found on the internet that it is possible to modify your tones in a more advanced way, using software and the pedal.


Last week I installed the latest version of Monkey (1.71) and spider IV edit, using my computer with windows 7 Home premium. While reading the user manual and other internet sources, I figured out that you first need to make sure that you can connect with Monkey. However I immediately hit a problem; as soon as I want to connect my pedal using a standard USB cable. Somehow Monkey keeps trying to connect via a MIDI connection, which my laptop and the pedal don't have. I did found out that that the USB driver software was not properly installed in the guitarPort. So I tried to update the software; this had no effect. Several cycles of removing and reinstalling all line 6 software still did not solve the problem.


- I do have read the manual

- I do have registered my pedal

- I do have authorized my pc via the license manager.

- I cannot disable "Driver signature enforcement" via the boot menu or by using the command prompt. (this might be the actual   problem..)

- My web cam is disabled

- I am not going to turn off all my firewalls, but switching off the one from my virus scanning program did not solve the problem. Even if it would work, turning off firewalls for a prolonged time seems like a stupid idea to me..


Is there a straightforward way to solve this? Because I really want to get this thing started. This pedal should be something like a plug and play device, at least that is what the simple user manual gives you the impression of. In reality, you need to have a lot of specific settings in your computer to be in the right way. Line 6 software developers should know that these problems are common for several years and they could anticipate on these issues.. Or can't they?


This is frustrating...



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For a start, you are not going to be able to download new tones to your Spider IV 15 - this amp does not have that capability.  You can use the Express to change between the 4 preset locations and as a volume or wah pedal.


It is only necessary to disable your firewall and anti-virus software WHILE you are updating the Express firmware via Monkey.  Once you have done that. you can turn them all on again.

So, connect the Express to your computer via a USB cable (do not have the Express connected to your amp at this time) once you have turned off all the FW and AV stuff.  Open up Monkey.  It should recognize the Express now.  If it doesn't, you could try a different USB cable or computer (I had to use a borrowed laptop).  Anyway, you probably can use the Express with your amp without updating its firmware - it really is "plug and play" with this amp.


I'm not following your comment regarding a guitarport, which is an interface device for plugging a guitar directly into your computer - do you also have one of these, and you are trying to use the Express to control software, like PodFarm?

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