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First song using Helix completed


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I've had Helix now for several months and this is what I came up with: Aphotic X, bandcamp or soundcloud. It's about ... well, I'll leave that to you to figure out.


Everything is done on Helix, no post-processing in the DAW, except for a compressor on the main track for volume. There is one track where I used the growler filter from an HD500X. If anyone wants the presets I made for this, that's not a problem.


Thanks for taking a listen, hope you enjoy.


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Really great you all like it. Awesome! Thanks! :)


Very cool - is patch on customtone?


I've never really used custom tone. Don't like it very much. But anyway, here's all the patches I used. The bass patch might not be very useful for anything because a lot of the tone comes from the active eq on the bass itself, Ibanez SR1205E. Other than that, the only guitar I used was an Ibanez JEM7VWH, EVO pickups.


Forgot to mention, the patches OctoGrowler and Clean use the Taylor 314ce-Earthworks IR.


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Reminds me of some Jeff Beck stuff...really liked it


Glad you liked it! Thanks.


I should be ashamed that I know the name Jeff Beck and generally the type of music he wrote and is revered by a lot of people, but never really listened to him with any intensity, and certainly don't know how to play any of his stuff. In fact, I don't know how to play any Joe Satriani or Steve Vai either. Yikes! But I take what you said as a very high compliment.

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Thanks much mbenigni! Glad you enjoyed it.


Even though I don't know how to play any Vai stuff, strange as it may seem, he is the one that probably influences my style the most.


I've heard the name Suicidal Tendencies before, and maybe have a vague memory of it from 20+ years ago. Can't link any music to the name though. After listening to some clips, Rocky George is certainly very talented. Appreciate the compliment.


Tool is something new for me. Haven't heard them before. After listening quickly, I will have to take time and listen some more. Liked what I've heard so far.


Again, thanks for the compliment and for the heads up about new-for-me musicians.

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