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L3m & L3s - Vertical vs Horizontal Use

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I am in the process of redesigning my stage from a small corner wedge to a 32' - 36' wide stage.  I picked up a pair of L3m's, and an L3s.  One issue is that I have a low roof.  About 9'.


While I am not 100% that I will do this, I am considering mounting the L3m's horizontally.  The videos show that they will automatically act as a floor monitor.  Even if I manually select Reference/PA, will the speaker still function well horizontally?  My concern is that the 100 degree x 40 degree spray will now be shooting at the floor and ceiling and not across the room.


Also, with such a low ceiling, I don't want a stage too high.  With only one L3s, I am considering placing the sub centered under the stage; but on its side.  Will it still work well on its side?


I am most likely going to mount the sub on its side, while the L3m's are likely to be mounted vertically, but I want to keep my options open if possible.


Thanks in advance for all the help/feedback.

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For the L3m's: Speaker height relative to ear/head level of your listening audience is surprisingly important.  I wouldn't want to use them horizontally unless you had a very good reason.  Also, the speakers will reset to floor monitor mode at every power cycle or every cycle of your L6 link and you'll have to manually reset them.


Are you planning on flying them from the ceiling?  That might make some sense but again, I don't know how or if you could disable the auto-floor monitor function.


For the L3s: They will work fine on their sides.  For some rooms (especially with low ceilings) this can increase the amount of bass you're getting from them.  A LOT of sound comes off the sides, and when placed sideways, you're bouncing a lot of sound off the ceiling.  Generally for outdoor or very hi ceiling rooms I'll try them vertically first.


Can't say how they'll do under your stage though.  My gut feel is that the stage would have to be pretty high and the speaker right up front.  I'd certainly consider putting it on it's side, dead center, but out in front of the stage.  Sadly, this is frequently a very dangerous place to have your expensive speaker!


Good luck!

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