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HD Metal Tones


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Crazy Pills :D


When you go to Custom Tone, try some of the higher rated patches under a search like  "metal". As the packs came out last spring there may or may not be  a bunch there so even sorting by date may help.


What you can do though is try some of the patches and change the amps out and look at the structure of the build. IE: How the eqs are setup and any gain stacking going on, cabs mics etc. While yes there are a lot of bad ones in CT there are some that are decent starting points.


Keep in mind that one person's rig will differ from another (in addition to taste) :)



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I thought the entire idea of metal was --- turn everything to 11. 





There are plenty of 'metal' tones. They may not necessarily use the specific amps you are looking for, but they are there. 

One of the problems with 'metal' is the fact that it covers everything from Poison to Legion of the Deceased. Sorry, but a 1968 Deep Purple tone isn't going to satisfy a 2012 Morbid Angel seeker. 

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I'm with Cruisinon on this one.  It makes little or no sense to me to waste time dowloading patches regardless of their ratings given that you're not likely to be using the same amp or FRFR monitor setup or the same guitar as the author of the patch.  All of these things make a significant difference in the overall sound of the patch.  With all the time people waste trying to get a downloaded patch to do what they want they could have simply started from scratch and built the tone they're after.


The only thing useful about a downloaded patch in my opinion is looking at the details of how the patch was put together.  That might prompt a few ideas you could use in building your own.

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Well that's the goal - try to get in the ballpark and learn. For a new user the HD can be a can of worms. :)

True, but randomly hoovering up a couple of hundred patches in the hopes that you'll stumble on the one that's useful to you, is the musical equivalent of driving blindfolded through Macy's in a payloader, scooping up 813 lbs. of clothes, then getting confused when you don't come up with any pants in your've got better odds at a craps table.

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