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Switching 4 amps in stompbox mode.


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Hi Guys just had the Helix for a few days now so apologies if this has been addressed before.


Im trying to use 4 different amps in stompbox mode as the preset mode dropout issue is a problem for me.Is it possible to switch between these 4 amps?2 amps no problem, as i just assign them to one switch and toggle between the 2 of them in multiple switch mode...but 4 amps im always going to have 2 of them active at the same time surely!!

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I don't have a HELIX, so I don't know if this is possible, but maybe this could work (you would have to be careful).


Switch 1: toggles amp 1 and amp 2.

Switch 2: toggles amp 2 and amp 3.

Switch 3: toggles amp 3 and amp 4.

Switch 4: toggles amp 4 and amp 1.


So, for example, we start with amp 1 ON. Then:

a) press SW1. amp1 goes off. amp2 goes on. Then:

b) press SW2. amp2 goes off. amp3 goes on. Then:

c) press SW3. amp3 goes off. amp4 goes on. Then:

d) press SW4. amp4 goes off. amp1 goes on.


and we are back to the beginning.


Possible? I don't know. Useful? I also don't know.

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Besides the improbability of being able to run four amps with much else in the chain, it's not possible to assign a block to more than one switch. Some sort of scene switching would work. It will be interesting to see how they are going to implement this.

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This can be done in this way: 



(The link pic doesnt seem to work, but it is here: 


The Green Switch select which one of the paths to use. 

The Red Switch select amp in path 1 

The Blues Switch selects amp in path 2 


If you dont want to use three switches, you can combine the Blue and Red in one switch, but then you cant go from amp 1 to amp 4 without using two switches... If they are side by side, you might be able to hit them at the same time... 

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