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Amplifi problems

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I have an Amplifi 150 - its had its issues, but the display around the volume knob no longer lights up and the factory reset just kills it (it chirps, lightly, then goes dead) 


I can connect via bluetooth (although the bluetooth indicator light is not coming on blue either)


Anyone ever cracked one of these open?  Is there an internal reset or a way to perform a factory reset when the "tone+volume-press and turn on" option seems to kill something inside of it?


ANY help greatly appreciated.  I was hesitant when I got this, as I had heard these are "fun" amps, but not reliable enough to gig with.  I have had it for a couple of months, played a show, rehearsed weekly, done the factory reset every time its acted up (which, I regret to say, was almost weekly) but now its just dead.


I can bluetooth in and pull up presets, adjust things, but the tactile buttons on the top do not work and factory reset kills it...

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Have you tried re-flashing it with iOS/Android or via USB with the Line6 Updater?

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