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Looking for a Spider Valve 112 control/interface board...

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I got a steal on a Spider Valve 112 amp for $25.00 :D with one issue (that I knew about of course).


I need to purchase a new/used control board (the smaller one which contains the LCD display, option menus, etc.)  - The smaller board that is connected to the longer board (the one with all the control knobs) via the ribbon cable. Someone tried to do something with it and totally botched it up (trace liftings, solder hole pads gone, etc, etc).


I bench tested the longer control board (with all the pots) and everything is AOK. I used part of another 112 board to verify that the remainder of the control board (the longer one) was still okay, so I know it just needs the smaller one.


This, unfortunately, is truly beyond repair. I have been repairing electronics and doing component level troubleshoot for many years and usually I can handle rigging something to get it in working condition, but this one is not worth the time it would take to redo the entire smaller board.


If ANYONE out there as one (both boards okay too), I would buy it in the blink of an eye. If anyone knows of any sources for boards for that unit, I would greatly appreciate a push in the right direction. I know plenty of part dealers, however, that is out of the question at this time. It's a very nice tube amp and I refuse to use it as a boat anchor.


If you have an entire 112 amp itself you would like to sell, I would even consider that was well - w/o speakers, tubes, etc. is okay.


I am doing this for the Youth Group that I help out at church and I think this would be a great amp for the kids.










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