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HD500, Edit & JTV: Managing tunings?


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I'd be grateful for some help in working my way towards figuring out how the HD500, HD Edit software and JTV -59 work together, particularly regarding tunings.


Specifically: can I change the tuning in Edit's Mixer tab by simply using the drop down "Step" menu? I.e., if I want to set a virtual capo for a particular patch? I can't seem to do it now.


And while I've got you here...when I'm loading a patch, sometimes the LED on my JTV model knob is lit, and sometimes it is not. Which is right?


Thanks for your patience. If anyone knows of a comprehensive document or forum dedicated to HD500/Variax integration, I'd love to know about it!


Cheers -

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The forum for HD500, JTV and DT speakers or FRFR is found here


Variax Tuning needs to be set to "Custom" in HD Edit and Variax Control to "Preset", then select a string and pick the offset from the drop down. You should hear it happening in real time.  Save the patch and the tuning should be recalled.


The model light coming on and going off reflects whether JTV modelling is active or not.  If you have variax mags selected as an input and not variax model then the modelling will turn off and the light go out.  (or I think this is the case - I don't have my gear at work!)


HD Edit user guide is here: look in section 4.1's%20Guide%20v2.0%20-%20English%20(%20Rev%20A%20).pdf

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the model state (off/on) is saved with the patch, regardless of the input settings.


u must set "VARIAX CONTROL"=Preset on the {"MIXER" tab - "VARIAX" sub-tab - "VDI INPUT" sub-sub-tab} of "Hd500 Edit".


then, from the {"MODEL" sub-sub-tab} of "Hd500 Edit", u can control the variax model, the tuning of each string plus the initial virtual position of the tone knob.


consult "Page 8, James Tyler Variax Tuning Options" of the POD HD500 Advanced Guide v2.10 - English ( Rev A ) .


consult also "Page 7, Setup: Variax Options" of same guide.


study this patch  (typical example of alt tuning using the hd500)

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