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Helix amp 4 cable, vs real amp 5150 iii 50w


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I think it sounds pretty darn good if you ask me.


There's something special about that 5153 50-watter.. it's got something going on that not many other amps out there have.  Interestingly, when I had my Axe FX ii, I actually used to use the 5153 purely as a power amp, and I only used the HBE amp sim from the Axe FX.  It sounded bloody amazing!  I actually tried to substitute the 5153 for an actual valve power amp and nothing came close. So, I'm not surprised that your Helix patch when compared to the actual 5153 sounds identical.  Maybe it's power/voltage that the little guy can output which is why it can quite easily keep up with many 100w valve heads, maybe it's something else - I don't know.  But even when I've ran it in 4CM with my Helix recently, it still sounded BLOODY amazing. 


Would love that patch mate.. if you're willing to share of course  :D

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Ha! Having never owned a 5150, this is a tone i dialed with no reference, just going by what i thought a 5150 should sound like in my head. I wasnt even really that close :) At least not to the OPs. Ive played a 5150 a while back. I remember liking it. Its been a while though.


Though, all moving parts here are 5150. Helix panama, cabs ect.




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amps are funny things,if you listen to an amp direct with no speaker cab it is basically a horrible harsh distorted fuzz kinda tone and if you compared to say a bugera to a vh4 you wouldnt think 'oh the vh4 sounds so much nicer and worth the 2k difference'


my point being that in theory with the right IR's you should be able to recreate any amp within reason,the gain structure (the shape of the sound) isnt radically different from one amp to another.

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