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UX1 makes constant static noise

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Hey everyone, If you were wondering I did already post this document in another section of the forum but it was incorrect.


So my issue is that my UX1 with PodFarm 2.5 creates a constant static noise in the background. Even if no microphone is connected the static is still made. The only way to get good audio quality is for me to activate Noise Gates that make the quality of the audio horrible!

I was wondering if anyone can help me figure out what is going on with my device. I'm also willing to accept any PodFarm vocal presets you recommend.


Questions you might have:

My UX1 is my full audio device.

I have a fx-4850 Processor w/ 16 gig ram

All my drivers are up to date.

I'm on Windows 10.


I also left in a .wav of the noise it makes. It was recorded with no microphone plugged in, and the hots on the box are set high enough for an Audio Technica AT20-20 to pickup vocals so they aren't too high.



Bad Noise.wav

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I think that mic is a condenser mic, and the UX1 has no phantom power, so not sure if there's a preamp in the equation.

Weird to see this getting some attention!


It is a condenser microphone that is ran through a Phantom Power box before making it to the UX1.


When I said hots, I meant the dial for input sound levels on the box.


I'll try the USB method, but as of now it's still a bit wonky.

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