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DT50 1x12 - low level crackling sound


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My DT50 has a low level crackling sound that reminds me of tube microphonics. The noise is the same regardless of volume setting (even when volumes and drive are all at zero).  Has anyone experienced this and do you think a new set of 12ax7s in the pre-amp slots is the place to start?


All sensible advice appreciated!

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Sounds like you need new tubes (or at least one of them).

I had the same on my DT25 and it actually sounded much better after a tube change besides removing the crackle.

Can't say where to start; i just changed them all and kept the old ones as backup.


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Also,... When was the last time you had the tubes changed out?


They should be changed out every 12-18 months if you're a gigging

musician, every 20-24 months if you're a weekend rock warrior.


Use the specified stock tubes, no substitutes.


I think you're referring to the power tubes, which must be electro-harmonix.  any 12ax7 or equivalent will work in the pre-amp.

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Not just the power tubes. And yes,... the Electro-Harmonix version is best suited and best matched.

I see too many come across my bench because of tube substitutes. These aren't the same "all analog"

tube amps we used to use in the 1960's and 70's.


And before someone says that EH tubes are nothing more than Sovtek tubes with EH painted on it.

I should remind people that Electro-Harmonix owns the Sovtek factory. The EH's get some extra testing

and scrutiny than the usual Sovtek.


A weekend rock warrior can get away with 24-months between tube swaps. The caveat being that it

also matters how hard you push it as well. So bare that in mind.

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I put in the EH pre-amp tubes and it seems much better.  There is a little bit of very low level crackling when I first turn it on, then after about 2 minutes it stops.  My Fender Custom Deluxe Reverb does about the same thing and it is less than a year old.  So, the Line 6 is on eBay for $629 if anyone wants it.  Seller location is Jacksonville, Florida.  ;-)

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