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Amplifi TT + FBV2? Has anyone tried?


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It really is a shame that it is not supported. I bet it would be possible to add support for it in Amplifi firmware without problem, but of course Line 6 wants to sell the more expensive (and admittedly more feature-rich) boards, so no interest in doing so.


As to reverse-engineering it: I don't know of anyone who already did it, but here's a blogpost of someone who tried (but didn't follow-up) kind of a chicken-and-egg problem. To see what commands you would have to send, you'd need a supported pedalboard, but if you have a supported pedal-board, no incentive to modify/hack your own footswitch.

Another interesting mod is this: where Patrick Maillot added LED indicators to show which bank the FBV2 is set to (so one could maybe use the LED circuits to use as trigger for an arduino based solution like in the first link)

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