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Big Disappointment in MIDI Program change


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Hi Guys,


I am VERY DISAPPOINTED with lack of MIDI program change output mapping


I am a pro guitar player and a recent user of the HD500x. I purchased it to use directly to the mixboard using amp and cab simulation, and I'm quite pleased with that. I gig it this way in a band where we all use in-ear monitoring system, no need for amp.


Right now I'm trying to setup the HD to be used only as a FX processor through the amp's fx loop (no amp or cab modeling, no distortion, only reverbs, delays and modulation), to replace my old TC Electronic Nova System. I use MIDI for amp channel switching (directly to an amp with MIDI IN or through a MIDI-to-relay device).

Nowadays, many amps have MIDI IN for channel switching (as my Blackstar Series One 45) and none has input-mapping.


I'm not going to get technical here, if you know about this stuff you should figure out what this limitation implies



I'm back with the TC Electronic Nova System for this purpose, decent MIDI implementation.


This is stupid! Line 6, please include MIDI output mapping in further updates! It's 2016 already!




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Here is what I have found out so far:


The POD HD can be used as a midi controller (with limited functionality being one automated message). When you switch patches on the POD HD it will always send a ‘program change’ message to the external device as well.

By default, the POD will send a  â€˜program change’ message for each preset in a setlist (bank & preset per bank). M my POD is set to ABCD mode (so 4 presets per bank). If I understand the discussion on the line 6 forum correctly you need to set it to ABCD mode and NOT to FS 1-8)

So what happens is that, for instance, preset 12A will send exactly the same program change message as preset 12A in another set.

Now I am lucky because my external amp (Peavey Tubefex)  support input mapping, so I can redirect every program change message to the desired preset on the Peavey. IF you cannot do this, you will need to duplicate the setting on the external device.


Again, this is what I found out so far and to me it is no issue so far due to the input mapping options on the Peavey.

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HD500 also has the ability to assign a MIDI message to the switches which can be PC CC or Note.  

I have used them successfully to patch change a synth and trigger notes (pads)


Not disagreeing about not being able to map the sent PC values

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You can send a PC message, CC or CC toggle message. I have my hd500 set to FS 1-8, and each footswitch sends pc messages. I use 9 standard PC messages that are duplicated on all of my Pod presets, so the same switch will always send the same program change. If you have effects that are locked into their MIDI commands, you need translation hardware to convert the incoming messages to what you want.  That's what I use the Osmosis for.  One message splits into up to 5 PC, and 16 CC.  Controls all three pedals with different messages. 

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