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Hi there, everyone


I just bought a HD500 last week and I've been in my room the whole week learning how to use it properly. I think I learned the basic stuff but im stuck right now trying to play "Shine on you Crazy Diamond" , Gilmour's version "Remember That night"


I cant set my pedal to do that infinite delay effect and it's kinda pissing me off


Can you help me to set up the pedal and the FX to make it at least sound similar to the Live Version?


I already downloaded many patches but they all of 'em are made based on CD version


This is the intro I wanna play



Thanks to everyone

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I found this preset somehwere - can't remember where. Maybe it suits.


After downloading the file, remove the suffix .txt and load the .h5e file into HD500 Edit.


Crazy Diamond.h5e.txt


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