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Pod Studio GX Distorted Audio in Windows 10

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This is driving me crazy. My GX distorts all sound that goes through it, guitar or otherwise, ONLY on my desktop with Windows 10. On my laptop, it works as expected. The distorted sound is this haunting metallic twang that is really pissing me off.


I've installed the latest drivers that "fix" Windows 10 compatibility. Do I have any hope for a working product?

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I am having a similar issue.  Got a new pc with windows 10, installed all the drivers and everything for my GX, and the audio sounds garbled and metalic through the speakers attached to the GX.  I tried setting the different 16 bit options etc. I have been a long time mac user switching back to windows, so I forget what options to try to resolve this.  Everything shows up fine in license manager and monkey app, light is green on the GX.  Any ideas?

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