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Line 6 gets competition from Vox

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*2 For the SYNTH and BASS SYNTH, unintended sounds may occur if you play chords. In general, you should play only single notes.

Confirmed, No alt turnings


And synth is mono, I doubt they are even using a hex PU.


It's a Korg DSP Design ( like all Vox gear)


From my perspective the Vox guitar is using similar PU Modeling tech introduced in JamVox , but now in an onboard DSP.


No USB, No Editor, No Alt Tuning, No String Splits.


No interest here.

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It's a lot different than a Variax, and seems to be focusing more on just expanding the sound of the guitar, than nailing different guitar sounds.


I don't see this as a threat to the Variax. It's too different of a beast. 

It's going to be a lot more limited since they're using regular pickups.

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I don't mind the looks and the headphone jack is interesting.  I'll bet it's lightweight and it looks pretty comfortable.


If it had come out over a decade ago it might have provided some competition for the original Variax.  It even has sitar, resonator and banjo.


The big shortcomings are no alternate tunings, has to use battery power, your effects processor can't communicate with it and I don't see any way of updating the firmware (no USB port).


Still, it's nice to see someone else entering the game.  We all know who wins when there's competition.  :)

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Some of the sounds are interesting, but like I said, not as depthy as a Variax, no where near as depthy as a Variax.


It seems more traditional though, but like I said, if you're trying to expand to key guitar sounds, it's not gonna happen other than humbucker vs single coil.

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