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Spider IV HD 150 stereo to mono 16 ohm cab (using CD/mp3 input poweramp)


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Hey guys I want to know a few things so bear with me if things go over your head.


1) can I run this head with just one output jack connected to a modded spider 4x12 that i customized to work in just 16 ohm mono operation? I read somewhere that both jacks need to be connected or the amp can blow if you crank it like this...?


2) I've been cranking this baby with 2 identically modded 16 ohm mono spider cabs will I eventually cause my amp to blow?


3) should I return my cabs to their 4 ohm mono/8 ohm stereo op? Could I remod to remain 8 ohm stereo but with a 16 ohm mono op? I just wanted to use all speakers for the sake of having a full range (jsyk not to be mistaken as frfr) tone through all speakers rather than just two speakers per side. Have I made a mistake?


3) has anyone else just used the CD/Mp3 input for the sole use of the power amp section...? I'm running a laptop w/ cockos reaper and a external usb pre amp outing to the mp3 input jack in stereo with backing tracks + amp modeing into the rig to get my desired result. What are your thoughts on this?


4) line 6 really needs to consider adding more speaker configurations, Poweramp in, and speaker cab mute switch (why mute the speaker when using the di through the amp.. wtf) to their next spider series if they still plan on selling these series later on in the future. *more of an opinion*

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Yes, you need to have both left and right amp outputs connected to an 8 ohm (or greater) load otherwise the imbalance will eventually fry something in the amp.

16 ohm is ok - the amp will be pushing less current, so the volume will be slightly reduced compared to using 8 ohm speakers. 


I don't think many people use their amp as a monitor for computer playing/recording use as the speakers (like any guitar speakers) are not really flat response and don't have a great low end or high end.   But if you like the way it sounds, there's nothing wrong with doing that.


You're right about the other features that could be offered on the Spider series, but not sure we will ever see a new model from Line 6.

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I use the MP3 input on my Spider IV 150 all the time!


The Spider IV 150 (And my Flextone III XL) are superb stereo amplifiers - perfect for running modelers through.  Each of my different processors get used that way.


Have fun with it - there aren't many stereo combo amps out there that offers so many features....

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