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Helix and HiFi stereo system @ home

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I have a analogue 2.0 Denon Stereo amplifier with two decent speakers setup in my living room. All my digital audio is routed via an external DAC into the Denon amp.


Can I hookup my Helix via the S/PDIF-out into the DAC and then into the Denon amp? Or via stereo XLR-out to stereo RCA directly in the Denon? I also have a Behringer mixer that I can use.


I just want to use this setup to create my sounds and to get a general idea of the stereo effects, etc.


Does anyone have experience with this? 

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Sure could hook it directly to the Denon via analog, with the proper cables, or spdif through the DAC. I don't see why something like that wouldn't work. It might even sound really good too.

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