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4CM not working with POD HD500/VDI input and JTV-59

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Hey all -  I recently picked up a JTV-59 and love it.  I run it into my POD HD500 and Marshall JCM900 using the 4 cable method.


For any of the modeled presets it sounds great.  I run these into the effects return on the Marshall..


Before the JTV, I ran some presets through the "front" of the amp using the FX loop block in the HD500 and the 4 cable method.


Now with the JTV running into the HD500 through the variax input/VDI, I get serious feedback when I try to engage the dirty channel.


Basically the FX loop doesn't work.


I tried to a/b the output from the HD500 (one to effects return on amp, one to front of amp) and only the effects return works.


Anybody have this problem?  I want to run the JTV through VDI to control models and supply power.  But want to option to bypass HD500 amp models and go into front of Marshall for the dirty channel tone.


Advice much appreciated.



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Version 2.31
Released 4/8/14

Works with:


POD HD500 Flash Memory v2.31 is a FREE firmware update for all POD HD500 users. 

This release addresses an issue with audio feedback that could potentially occur when changing patches with a specific combination of settings. It is strongly recommended that all users install this update as soon as possible. 

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Miroslav - Thanks but I have the latest firmware installed (I think it's 2.6).


I've mostly corrected the problem with some trouble shooting and borrowing advice from other issues posted in the forum.  I have the 4CM setup per normal configuration.  I have Input 1 set to Variax and Input 2 set to Variax Mags.  I then split the signal, put the FX loop in path 2, and played around with the input/output settings of the FX loop.  That's addressed the overall issue of nasty feedback.  I still get a little noise when engaging Marshall dirty channel but I figure with some more EQ fun I'll get that fixed.


Thanks for responding!



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