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Pod Hd500x Foot Switch Noise


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Alright so im hoping i can get some good help here. 


So I recently upgraded from the HD500 to the 500x. As soon as i started to play on the 500X, i noticed how loud the foot switches sound. They make a terrible, loud, "click" sound when playing through an amp. Is the problem my amp or the HD500X? Should i return my 500X for another one? Or is the problem universal? 


As a matter of fact, any contact with the device makes that "click" sound. Pressing down on buttons, toggling switches, moving knobs, etc... 


Please help. Thank you. 

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hey just wondering....what kind of adapter do you use? i have a sony one (not sure what size it is) but for some reason when i connect it into my PHONES input, i have to leave some of the adapter out, meaning that if i push the adapter all the way has the sound waaaaay to low and when i have it popped out maybe 1/2 a centimeter it sounds there a reason for this? anybody else have this "issue"?

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