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M20D - where do the solo signals go?

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The ridiculous atrocity which passes for a pdf manual on this beast is making me want to set fire to myself. Why can't a product which lists at £1400 ship with a printed frigging manual, you cheapskates? I know that there are gonna be firmware updates, but surely the basic architecture is gonna remain pretty much the same.


Anyhoo, where do the sound go when the solo buttons are pressed? I'd assumed that, bearing in mind there's a picture of a set of headphones on them, then that's where the signal would go - to the headphone output. Not so, it would seem.


Please don't refer me to the "manual". As far as I can tell the entirety of its reference to the solo buttons is the phrase "solo buttons", and if I have to look through it again I may have to drown a puppy.

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Yes, it goes to the headphone output on my system.


I don't know if this will help, but note that there can be several channels with the solo button highlighted. All such channels will be heard. For a true solo, make sure that only one channel is highlighted/selected.


It works that way in my DAW too. Several tracks can be solo'ed simultaneously. I suppose that's why it's not more clearly documented. As in DAWs and mixers in general, solo is the inverse of muting. If you have ten channels and want to listen to two, you can either mute the other eight or solo the two.

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Solo > Only affects Headphones bus. Only channels with Solo enabled are heard in the headphones buss. With no channels solo'd the main output mix is heard in the headphone bus.



Mute > Affects all output busses


Possibly a clue is that the "Solo" button is a headphones icon.


If you're not getting a solo'd signal in your headphone buss, it suggests there's something wrong, either with the signal chain, the headphones output level or your headphones/cable.


"Mute Mics" should not be engaged, but "mute all" can be.

Solo'd channel needs input trim and output level

Headphones volume needs to be up (typically at around the 2-4oclock position for sensible output level to phones)

Sorry if it sounds like I'm teaching grandma to suck eggs.



As for the "printed manual"... I printed it off from the PDF and have referred to it once in over two years. Most of the time, I load up the PDF. Horses for courses I guess, but the cost of printing comes from somewhere.

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Embarassingly, I think it was a dodgy wire in the headphones I was using, causing some sort of phase-cancellation when the sources were panned centrally - sounds became audible when they were panned to either side. Not something I've experienced before. Guess it's solderin' time.

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I would double check the headphones on another source before doing any soldering.  The M20d sometimes has issues with the sockets - for example problems with ground or shorting against the case (see other threads); not saying it is a problem in your case, but test them elsewhere before assuming the headphones are wrong.

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Not to dampen your response Rewolf, but the reported headphones issue is, to my recollection, limited to just one side (typically the right) going missing periodically in the phones. I dismissed that as a possible cause as the poster reported NO headphones output suggesting the problem lay elsewhere in the chain.


My M20 has the right channel drop out of headphones every now and then... normally after a few minutes use but a bit of jiggling typically gets it to return. Not such a big deal that I ever bothered to chase it with Line6 as everything else works perfectly.

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Welcoming. I'm feelng a real sense of community. Also, I'm from the UK, so it's more accurate to call me "Alf Garnett" than "Archie Bunker"...

Well, yes, it was a little from the top rung.  Looks like you successfully navigated the english to english translator though!


Having spent some time in England I'm amazed it's the same language.

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