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FBV MkII Express, Pod Farm 2 (vst) and Studio One


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Good afternoon, I just recently purchased a used FBV MkII Express and am a bit lost on how to proceed. I've looked at manuals and even tried to watch a tutorial on youtube and I have no idea what I'm doing.  Here's what I am currently using:


Pod Farm 2 (as a VST) 

Presonus Studio One


What I am trying to do is get the pedal to work as a foot switch. Either to change between tones, or to turn on the tuner, the wah/volume, etc.  I have downloaded Monkey as well as Line 6 FBV Control. FBV Control does in fact see the pedal and the volume light turns on. When I tap the A/B/C/D pedals they blink as well. When going into FBV Control, I have no idea what to set.


Basically I have a rig set up in Pod Farm 2 (VST) with a foot switch, one for clean, one for distortion. All I *really* need at this point is the ability to go from clean to distortion and back again if need be.


I'm sorry if this sounds like a really noobish question (Im sure it is) but I just have no idea when people mention "CC21" and whatnot.  To clarify, I DO NOT have an actual POD device. Im using an M-Audio recording interface to get guitars/bass/banjo recorded with Pod Farm 2. 


The least I would like to do is test functionality. I want to make sure the pedal is working, otherwise I'll need to return it to the pawn shop.

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  • 5 years later...

Hi 5 years later :)

I just figured this out and thought I'd share it since i ran into the same issue.


  1. Download software 
    1. Go to
    2. -Choose Software- select Line 6 FBV Control 
      (for some reason the search sometimes doesn't work, i had to find it using different search filters, aka choose hardware FBV Express MkII and not select an operating system)
  2. Install + Run Line 6 FBV Control
    1. Set the "Midi Command" of all controls to "MIDI CC" (some controls like the "Pedal Wah" will already have this assigned)
    2. All the controllers you changed to "MIDI CC" change the value to something that's not already selected by another control
    3. If you want you can change the Switch mode from Toggle to Momentary
  3. Start Presonus Studio One (I'm using v5.4.1)
  4. Adding External Device
    1. Go to Options --> External Devices --> Add..
    2. New Control Surface
      Manufacturer: "Line 6"
      Device Name: "FBV MkII Express"
      Receive From: FBV Express MK II
      Send To: None
  5. Set Up
    1. On your "Mix" panel (not Edit or Browse) select "External" and you should see "External Devices" pop up with the FBV MkII Express
    2. Right Click on FBV MKII Express --> Edit...
    3. Click MIDI Learn
    4. Push all the 4 Buttons + Move the Pedal + Hit the Toe Switch (very hard press on the toe of the pedal)
  6. Link to VST
    1. On the top left of Studio One, whenever you push something on your pedal you should now see "Control 1" getting updated
    2. Move a knob on your VST or in Studio One interface and you should see the left side of "Control 1" changing. Now just press the little left arrow/triangle between the two and you have a controller set-up
  7. Link to Pod Farm
    1. Using Pod Farm VST needs an extra step. Create a track then add your Pod Farm VST and open the vst interface
    2. You'll notice when you move a Pod Farm knob nothing will change on the Notifier label next to "Control1."
    3. Right Click on the knob you want to change in your Pod Farm vst and select Automation --> Knob 1
    4. Now move the knob and it will again show up next to the "Control1" thing



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