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Moving New Presets


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hi, on my old POD 2.0 I was able to change a factory preset then move it to another place, actually overwrite an existing factory preset that I don't like. 

my question is can I do that with my POD HD desk top?

I don't want to overwrite the factory setting, I want to change it them move it but leave the original.

does that make sense?

thanks so much

PS how can I set my forum preferences so I can get replies sent to my email inbox?

i'm new (obviously to this forum)

thanks again.   

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Hi joeypinter,

Let me explain the way on the device itself first:

You can select and edit your preset as before.

Then press the SAVE button for the first time. This brings you into the SAVE menu.

Now with knob1 you can choose any of 8 possible banks, and with knob2 you can choose any of 64 presets to overwrite/replace.

Knob 3+4 are made for changing the preset name that you want to save. You can also use the navigation wheel.

If you save it to another place by pressing SAVE again, the saved preset carries this name (not the source preset). The source preset stays unchanged.

After saving, the POD HD will jump to the new saved preset automatically.


With HD Edit you can load, edit, rename, save, send and receive presets to any place that you have selected. It is also possible to do drag&drop here.


There is no difference between a user preset and a factory preset. You can read and write them all the same way. In other words there are only user banks, but some already hold examples.

I always advice that before changing the factory presets it is a good idea to save them with HD EDIT.

Currently from 8 possible banks the first 5 ones hold the factory presets. So First use the USER named banks for your own ones.

When they are all used, you can continue by replacing the factory presets with your own ones.

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