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how to remove looper that now appears in every factory preset


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I was playing around with the looper.  Somehow I ended up adding a looper block to the end of the signal chain for every preset.  I've played around with global settings and footswitches, but can't get rid of the looper for every preset, only one at a time.  I know I can do a hard unit reset as well.  




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Maybe you didn't actually somehow add the looper to every factory preset. I don't recall exactly, and I don't have my Helix with me right now, but I know many of the factory presets already have a looper block at the end of the chain. But the factory presets named New Preset are completely empty. Check some of those. If they do have the looper block then you somehow found a way to add a looper globally to all presets, a capability that I don't think exists.


I don't know of a way to remove the looper block from multiple presets simultaneously.

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Nearly all factory presets have a looper, but they're per preset, not global. Should take two seconds to delete it:

  1. From Stomp mode, touch the Looper switch.
  2. Press ACTION and then Knob 3 (Clear Block).

If you're not into loopers, removing the Looper block will give you a bit more DSP horsepower (and an extra stomp switch, obviously).

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