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Hello again guys. I found the answer or the how to in a thread on here but still having issues.

I start a clean channel loop and have it playing. I then want to change my tone to solo over the loop. When I select a new tone the clean sound that is looping changes to whatever new tone I select. Below are the instructions I am following.......


what you want:


- select the preset for the backing chords


- engage the Looper. Put it in POST mode. Select Full/Half speed depending on the duration of your chord progression


- start playing your chord progression. When you are comfortable with the flow of it, hit the REC/OCERDUB switch at the start of the beat/progression


- hit the PLAY/STOP switch at the end of the progression


Now the recorded loop begins playback. If you want to change presets to play the lead solo, hit the Looper switch again to disengage it. Select your new preset. While you are doing this the recorded loop continues playback. Now:


- simply play/practice your lead solo over the loop. If you don't want to record the solo - you're done


Now everything works until I change presets. Any advice is appreciated and thanks in advance.


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It sounds like your looper is in PRE position. You want it in POST position.


Note that the looper display for the footswitches highlights what WILL happen when you hit the switch, not the current state. In other words, if the display highlights the word POST, that means the looper is currently in the PRE position and you need to hit the switch to move it to POST, at which point the word PRE will be highlighted. Go figure!


The best way to see it's current state/position is in the signal flow view/display of the home page. The looper FX will appear either at the beginning (PRE) or end (POST) of the signal flow view.

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Well Silverhead has proven himself a valuable resource here because that's exactly what it was. I changed it to pre, started a quick clean loop, hit stop, disengaged the loop button and changed patches. The clean loop stayed clean and I laid down a blistering metal solo over it! At least that's the way I hope to be one day ha!

Worked perfect Silverhill, thanks for your help ðŸ‘ðŸ¼ðŸŽ¸ðŸ¤˜ðŸ¼

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