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Using Pod Farm 2 with Cubase Elements 6 - Windows 7, 64 bit

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Hi, I'll try and explain my problem but bear with me, I'm not sure of all the technical terms!


My set up - PC, 64 bit, running Win 7 Home. Cubase Elements 6. I'm using two DAWs - a Guitar Port and a ZOOM R24. Both have the right drivers and function without issue.


The problem is, I've tried to install POD FARM 2 to use their amp models. This worked fine on my original set up but a few months ago I installed a solid state hard drive, reinstalled everything, authorised Cubase and POD FARM, installed it into the VST Plugin library - and this is where it gets confusing. 


I started with the free models of pod farm - no problems. I reauthorise my PC to run the entire software package - I get all the models and tones back, but now when I activate pod farm as an insert, it comes up, the interface is there - but no audio signal runs through it. I've tried both DAWs, I've tried resetting and reimporting the files using Cubase's plug in manager, which says that the insert is there and active.. I'm out of ideas now.


I should mention that the audio signals play fine, and I can use the native Cubase inserts without a problem, but the Line 6 stuff is far better.


Does anyone have any ideas?

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First of all let me correct one thing : you are not using two DAWs, you are using two AUDIO INTERFACES, which is not a good idea at all because of drivers issues.


Second, unfortunately I have the same problem as you on my Cubase (and Reaper) : the VST shows up as an insert

but no audio gets through it.


As a result I've stopped completely using Pod Farm as a VST, which is a shame .


Sorry I couldn't help you. One thing you coud try, is finding the Folder where the Pod Farm.dll files reside,

and copying them back into your Vstplugins folder...... or maybe try a Vst 2.0 wrapper ?

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