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Vote For A Lefty James Tyler Variax

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I'm a lefty and regardless of the market I believe anyone who makes the comment that guitar vendors only only concern in targeting their core market is incorrect. I firmly believe that as a maker of guitars you obviously did it to share the love and passion of music. Why hasn't there been a left handed version? Not sure, but I certainly would not say it's a marketing strategy. I have no problem finding a left handed Taylor, Martin or Guild and those are high end brand names. 


Anyone who suggests purchasing a new guitar to bring it to the shop to have it modified certainly isn't putting themselves in our shoes. Who in their right mind want's to purchase a guitar ($1300) just to have it modified for play. NOONE!


So whether the minority or the majority music and instruments are for anyone and therefore suggesting otherwise is childish. Line 6 should almost certainly consider a left handed 69 model. It's not as if they would have to have a high number of production on them there is a financially reasonable approach to building them. Or, possibly by special order only. 


Either way, I would say to any righty, if it's not that big of a deal to go drop a G note on a guitar just to have it modified for play. Then go by a lefty next time and let me know what you think.





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there should certainly be some left handed models...

but this argument makes no sense...


high end is high margin....


in a lower margin/mass market product...

you make your money by selling more....


no matter what hand you play with... you have to concede there are many more right handed players... and therefore more opportunity to sell more...


all that as a given, perhaps they should have at least made a USA left handed model by now...


not as easy as simply cutting a mirror image of the guitar and stringing it backwards....

the electronics board may need to be completely redesigned to put the controls etc in the right place...

the internal cavities changed or whatever...


by all means keep pushing and asking and promoting the idea...


just saying... if it was simple... it would already have been done.



I have no problem finding a left handed Taylor, Martin or Guild and those are high end brand names. 

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You are aware that Hendrix played a right-handed Strat flipped over, aren't you?

Sorry; I'm new to this Forum.

Being a lefty I learned loads of stuff on right handed guitars before being able to play a lefty model. Some of Alex Lifeson's chords are easier upside down!

Once you get the idea that it's all about patterns and all you have to do is flip that pattern over you'll appreciate that Jimi Hendrix would have had no trouble playing a guitar strung the wrong way round. Advanced chord work and fingerstyle playing would be very tricky but power chords and lead lines would be achievable.

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If I had a lefty kid who played guitar, I'd want him to learn righty. Too few choices for left handed guitars.

I actively discourage students who want to play lefty... at the beginning, when you have no skills, and haven't the faintest idea what you're doing anyway, why start with a handicap? Just learn to play righty. Being left handed or right handed really doesn't matter. My mother has been a classical guitarist for 60-ish years...she's left handed, but has played righty since day one.


Of course if you really want to spend the rest of your life being irritated because you can never find a guitar you want... by all means, learn to play lefty. ;)

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If I had a lefty kid who played guitar, I'd want him to learn righty. Too few choices for left handed guitars.

You will probably know that Robert Fripp is left handed, but taught himself to play right handed for the reasons you mention, and also to apply his skilful hand to the fretboard.

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Hello. I am posting on this thread to direct people to a specific Ideascale Idea to suggest to Shuriken to make a left handed variant.


If they can get a list of 50 south paws willing to make a pre-order commitment, then there is a chance that they will consider it.


If you are interested in this, please up vote the following idea, and also leave a post with your declaration of interest on it.


PS: just to respond to some of the points on this thread. I am also a keyboard player and have no trouble with playing keyboards as a right handed person does (usually chords on left hand, melody on right). but a right handed guitar never did it for me. It just never felt right, no matter how hard I tried to get on with it. When I got my left handed Variax 500 (one of those eBay purchases that I was going to out bid anybody on!) there was no looking back. Might left hand was just made for picking and strumming, I guess. 10 years on, I would love to keep my 500 as a backup guitar and have a more modern guitar with JTV electronics to go with my Helix.


PPS: hope people do not think I am spamming the forum, I have picked the first few left handed posts I could find, hopefully to get the interest going again.

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