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Flextone iii XL tone changes on its own

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My Flexton iii has a mind of its own that it changes its tone to muddy no mattter how I dial in and tweak. A few seconds after tuning in bass treble and Mid, the amp gradually gets muddy and bassy. If I turn any of those knobs it goes back to normal immediately but gets muddy again within seconds.  This is not the same as the volume drop problem.


I have firmware 1.1 and have already flashed with the monkey and did a factory reset.



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I have the exact same problem, and I think it is the same as the volume drop problem, because it seems that the problem it´s in the knobs, for some reason they provoke settings changes, I can´t believe after so many years no one has found a fix for this. I´ve been thinking if changing the knob potentiometers with some new-better quality ones could solve this issue? What are your thoughts?


I already opened the amp and cleaned the knobs and all the wire connections and the problem remains.

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I also have this prob. Connected to my laptop I can see in Tone Editor that some of the knobs unintensionally change their value however I do not touch the fysic knobs. It is possible that my AMP took 48v phantom power from the PA through the XLR connection. I would like to know if this is a plausible cause and if there is a fix possible. 

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Spray all the pots with CAIG DeoxIT or Gold or something similar. Let it sit for a while then start running each knob up and down a few times to get it evenly distributed. Let it sit a while more and all will be good.  Any guitar tech can do this for you if you don't want to do it yourself. I had the same problems. The pots are cheap open design and get gunked up. I watched the controls change on my computer screen in real time (when I hadn't touched them) and had a hunch it was dirty pots. After I used the spray I had no more knob issues.

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