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Bass EQ / Patch Challenge

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I use the Helix in a dual rig situation (play guitar and bass, both in Return 1 & 2). I do it this way so the tuner works for both. ( I couldn't get the Guitar in and return 1 both use the tuner as an example. They are on separate paths yada yada. Anyway, when I'm not playing bass, I play guitar and the keyboard/harmonica player plays my bass etc. I tell this up front so you can get a sense on how I route things. It works awesome and has cut my 2 rigs down dramatically.


The guitar is fine. But for bass, I go from the Helix with a few basic foundation effects. (Compressor/limiter, chorus, EQ) out to a Markbass Superbooster with the VLE (Vintage Loudspeaker Emulator) engaged on 6 (Out of 10). I go direct out from this XLR to FOH, and 1/4" to my bass amp which is set flat and more or less for stage monitoring.


The Markbass creates a gritty jazz bass roundness and high end and low end rolloff to my Ibanez SR that I want to duplicate in the helix so I can shed this piece of gear as well (road worn and I expect it to start getting flaky and they don't make it anymore.) I can use the direct out ( Pre EQ) from my amp to take care of the FOH.


So, I'm wondering if anyone knows this piece of gear and has tried to emulate it. On top of the rolloff, there is I think a slight bit of compression as well. While its a unique EQ, after all that I've done with the helix so far, I have to believe its absolutely possible to emulate. I'll be down to 1 lightweight class D amp, 2 instruments and the just the Helix if I can replicate this thing!

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