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Mkii Button Problem

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Hi guys,


I'm using the MKII shortboard with a Spider iv 75. Here is my problem .. the buttons 'STOMP' and 'REVERB' don't always go on/off when pushed. Is there a way to calibrate or et-up the buttons so they work all the time? Other buttons are working perfectly. 

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This is a known problem with the micro switch buttons that are soldered to the internal circuit board. The buttons wear out and need to be replaced on a fairly regular basis.


I submitted a fairly lengthy post with all details of how to do this but the post has expired. In summary, you need to open up the Short Board and de-solder the failed switch from the circuit board, then solder in a new one. The switches are very cheap and can be sourced online or from any electronics supplier.


Next time I open mine up I will take pictures and re-post the instructions since this seems to be a fairly common problem.


This was the post in case anyone from Line 6 is paying attention but as I said, it is no longer there.

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