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Switch between two paths with expression pedal?


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I read something in another post, might have been about the lag or something and someone mentioned that you can have a clean amp/set-up on one path and a dirty one on another path and then switch between them with the expression pedal. How do you do that? With the Assigns Control on the Split block?



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Take a look at the TwoTones A-B patch in the Templates setlist.


To get it to use an expression pedal instead of a switch:


Select the split A/B on path 1A

Hold Route To

Press Learn Controller

Move the pedal you want to use

Press the Home button


Doh! Or better yet, just look at the patch TwoTones Blend.

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I did a short test with that on helix. The expression pedal seems to work in another way then it did on the HD500.

The values go form  - I think it is -128 - to + something.


If you set one output to the minimum and the other to 0db they do not blend smothly. By that I mean that first path one goes to silent and then path two starts to blend in.

So I had to find the right values where you can start to hear the first path and silence on the other - I think it was around -60, but I guess this value differs regarding on the items on the path.


I have to test more with this though

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this was the first way I figured out how to do that with the exp...


put a volume peddle block on each path, set each path input to guitar, control each with say exp 2 then set one for 100% min - 0% max and the other to 0% min and 100% max it works just fine but it has a blend of the 2 paths during the switch from one to the other.


The better way is to start with the same thing a vol block on path 1 and a vol block on path 2, set each path input to guitar, set each one to 0% on both min and max now instead of using the exp use a toggle to control both the strip will say "multiple (2)" (I name mine either: Dirty, High Gain or Amp Swap) now bypass one and not the other and save your preset and wa la you have instant switch of tones, it is better to do this with the main paths so you can add alot of FX with each amp also you can make a lead boost with the "simple EQ and just around 3 to 4 db + on the output it's kinda like having a 3 channel amp one each preset. Here is one I made with the new matchstick amp and put all the same FX on each path and have a toggle control the same FX on each path... let me know if you think it sounds good, I don't know how good my ear for tone is. I am using a charvel with an emg 81 to make it.

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