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Midi Program Change Messages


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Does anyone know if Firehawk 1500 is able to send or receive Midi Program Change messages in order to select patches?


1) Congrats on being the first post in this new forum.


2) I would be astonished if it did not allow MIDI control of patch changes.


3) You would think the manual would be posted in the manuals section since the product is available to purchase already. What's up with that?

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I have been notified by Line6 the only thing you will ever be able to control on your "Very Expensive" 

Firehawk 1500 via MIDI is change patches.They have no intention of fixing it, it's a case of false advertising



"I'm sorry but the Firehawk 1500 midi features will only allow you to change patches. The info in the back of the manual

is not correct. I apologize for the inconvenience.
Will - Line 6 Support
Thanks a lot Line6 the sooner you let anyone else who may be intending to by the amp to take advantage of the so-called MIDI CONTROL (like myself) that Line6 does not have the knowledge or the know-how to impliment what most other brands can do without a hitch.
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Last Line 6 product I'll buy. Too many imperfections and fragile for a 'Stage Amp'. Sounds good, but I have doubts about its longevity.


I'm the senior systems architect for a software company. If something on my watch goes out with bugs - it gets fixed for free - and quickly. If there's a documented (like something stated in a manual) feature that is missing at the point of delivery - we either have to compensate the customer, or incorporate the feature at no extra cost if it was reasonable to expect it should have been included in the product.


I daresay Line 6 do have the knowledge to fix the issues - at least some of them via a firmware update (would be nice). Others may be too reliant on the physical hardware which may mean they'd have to redevelop or re-source the components to sort the problems - which may just not be cost effective. The MIDI control interface / headphones / flaky bluetooth / odd pops and chirps / lack of tuner calibration - may just be an example of that, or it may be that they want you to buy an FBV Pedal which is more relevant to their revenue stream and survival in light of newcomers to the same section of the market.


I've read elsewhere on these forums about 'making informed purchasing decisions'. But that's a defensive marketing posture and can generally be read as 'yep, it's flawed - we know it, but we're in no hurry to do anything about it'. It's the logical extension of 'caveat emptor':


Def: let the buyer beware: the principle that the seller of a product cannot be held responsible for its quality unless it is guaranteed in a warranty. 


In Blighty we have a phrase for it too, but it would be redacted by a moderator I'm sure. However, I'm hopeful that Line6 and Yamaha will issue an update to alleviate the issues many people are experiencing and rebuild their relationship with their customer base. I've been using Line 6 kit for nigh on 16 years which to my pocket constitutes a significant financial investment.


So right now, I'm feeling grumpy too...

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