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500x + boss ME-80 + Boss OD 20

Bugera vintage V22 infinium.


How should I have this set up????


ive been experimenting with a few different methods and would like some feed back and suggestions.


1. guitar>me80>OD20>500x guitar in>front input.


2. same as 1 but bypassing the the preamp of the Bugera.


3. Guitar>500x>500x FX loop SEND> ME80>OD20>500x FX Loop RETURN>Amp FX RETURN.


4. same as 3 BUT! 500x FX LOOP SEND is SPLIT! 500x FXLOOP Send 1>OD20> OD20 Send>500x Return RIGHT> / 500x Send 2>ME80 Input>ME80 output L/Mono>500x FXLoop Return L/Mono>Amp FX Return.

(4 sounds the best but i hit my DSP limit  :( )



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Thanks for the reply!


I still dont quite understand where i would place the Boss ME-80 and OD-20 in the chain....

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I actually place my compressor, gain/distortion/fuzz pedals, and my EP Booster *before* guitar in on the HD500X. (I did the same thing with my former HD500.)


I leave the compressor on. The gain/distortion/fuzz pedals and my EP Booster are connected to a unit with true bypass switches for each one. I reserve the FX loop for FX that are post-amp. I love the choruses, delayes, reverbes, etc. in the HD500 and HD500X and use them as defaults. However, sometimes I need more variation on the fly. I may need a completely different reverb or delay setting. So I have additional mod, delay, and reverb pedals available in the FX loop. This also saves DSP.


I like the sound and control of the gain/distortion/fuzz pedals and my EP Booster better than the ones in the HD500X. I've even run a noise gate as the first HD500X "effect" and it still sounds great. Set up this way, the FX loop is also quiet - there is no noise.


I'm running out mono direct into FOH.

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All of that sounds cool, but I bought my 500x to handle all of my effect needs. I play out a lot and set up, break down, and functionality is why I went with a multi effects unit. Each to their own. Rock On!

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