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Cloud tone capacity...

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...I've noticed screen shots of what are likely iOS remote apps and they have 30 cloud tones

available. My android only has a max of 20. Obviously there are more than 20 tone matches

for some of the more popular artists. Are they available anywhere else ?

I've uploaded one of my creations and it doesn't show up. How do some tone matches show

up and others don't ? :huh:


Seems odd, just curious.


Also, when I move one of my favs to a preset button, it doesn't sound nearly as good

as it does when played straight from 'My Tones'.

Anybody else ?

Just me ?

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OK I fingered it out. I get 30 matches when I use the tone search.

Mine is in there too. (answered !!)


So my other question is still puzzling. When I move one of My Tones to

a preset button, it sounds noticeably different than when I select it

straight from My Tones.

Has anybody else had that happen ?

Am I doing something wrong ?

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