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Toneport UX8 - Needing More Inputs? (Logic Pro X)

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Hi there,  I am currently using a UX8 into Logic Pro X for my recording needs.


I had a Saffire Pro 40 for a while but then it died on me and I needed a quick backup. Turned out I really liked the UX8 in comparison.
But I am now at the crossing point in which I could use some more inputs as I do full live recordings of bands and 8 inputs can easily be used on just my drum bus.


I know within apple there is an ability to make an aggregate device and by plugging in two UX8's and making an aggregate device I could POSSIBLY solve my problems.
Just wondering if anyone has done this or has a better way to do so.

If I was using the saffire I could just hook up an ADAT interface and rout it through that way, but the UX8 lacks an ADAT input.

Thanks in advance!

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I just bought another UX8 from GC for $159. Said ti was in mint condition but it isnt in the box and doesnt have any software.


I can try to download the Pod Farm 2 Platinum pack or use it in place of my other UX8. (yes I already have one)


The reason I bought another is as a spare and the damn price was $159!!!!


For me this thing is as good as a Apollo DUO....hell its better!!!! this is UX 8....


The onboard gear is great and doesnt cost so much like UAD(Apollo) sofwtare. 

Reading around theres nothing great that happens once you compare the two. when one costs $150 the other >$1000 with taxes and you get 2 or 3 UAD things, preamp and a compressor.....the Pod Farm you get hundreds and the Mic PReAmps + LA2A etc...


I bought the first one because I read a wizard of mine, Todd Rundgren, did an entire album with this unit and no outboard gear except his U87.

Album ARENA. 


I come here now and then as a UX8 owner and always wonder why L6 dumped it? When Home Recording was so huge.


I also wonder why this new-used one I picked up today has stiffer pots and seems a little better built? 

DId the UX8 go through some changes from 2008 to 2011?

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