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Blackface Double NRM vs VIB


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I LOVE the Blackface Double Vibrato clean tone - warm yet with clarity!  But its overdrive is farty, loose, and unpleasant (much prefer a crunch, tight AC30-like overdrive).


Anyone experimented with comparing the BFx2 NRM vs VIB models?  


I think the VIB model is brighter, but the manual's description says it has "clipping characteristics that are different than the Normal channel due to an additional 12AX7 tube stage"... perhaps this causes the farty overdrive I'm experiencing?

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Turn your bass down to 0 (not kidding), turn your resonance off, dial in your drive or pedal boost, adjust channel volume so that peaks stay below -12dBFS as a start, bring bass back in to your liking - you may still hate it. Helps me when playing with tones and (re-)starting from scratch.

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